My royalty dropped?

Thought my royalty had dropped…seems I was wrong!

Plaisted Publishing House

Talk about angry and confused.  I am still waiting to hear what Amazon is up to.    Well it seems they have a legal out.  Your customer can buy from where your Royalty is 70% however if the said customer doesn’t live in one of those countries listed under 70% then you get 35% royalty

However it all started like this.

As many of you know the author on Kindle choose the Royalty and the Price for their books, press publish and you’re away laughing..well maybe not, but you are happy.  Then one day you see you’ve made a sale, you download the statement and read it.

OH NO...The Royalty is at 35%.  Strange, it says the book is $2.99…  The royalty payment was $1.05.  I was sure is should be higher.  Looking down the statement I see the same book  with 70% royalty and $2.00 payment…Wonder what…

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