Gems of Strength

Great reviews for the first book ‘Gems of Strength’ by The Sisterhood. My story is ‘Deep in the Valley’

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GOSI’m presenting this one a little differently to my usual book review posts as it is a collection of different stories.

Strong female characters written by women authors and it was published by Metamorph Publishing in 2016.

There are two more books  planned – Gems of Gratitude and Gems of Freedom.

Indeed, you will find some little gems amongst these stories and everyone of them deserve its place in this great read.

Please note – This is my own interpretation of what I understood from the stories. You quite possible might have a different perspective. I would be interested to know what those are in the comment section below.

Angel Strong by Alana Madden

It’s a an interesting concept that God is a women, although one I have heard before. Ms Madden goes one step further and makes God a title of office, which is an interesting concept, too.

The main character…

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