What type of Reader are you?

What type of Reader are YOU

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book-1012275_1280We all read books, be them eBooks or printed.  As the Indie Author community continues to grow, the reviews for what Readers read are even more necessary.  So what sort of reader are you? What do you look for? What annoys you? What makes a story awesome?

I love to read for the story.  There are only a few things which annoy me in books.  With Indie Authors it is the flow.  If  a book is stilted I find them very hard to read, the worst case scenario is I won’t finish it and I won’t leave a review unless I can find something positive to say.

In Traditional Published books I dislike finding American English in a book set in Historical England.  It annoys the hell out of me.  I have also noted now, since reading some great Indie Author books that I loath descriptions which go on for…

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One thought on “What type of Reader are you?

  1. The biggest thing that anoys me when I’m reading a book, is when the author uses passive voice. Another thing that turns me off, is when the story has more narative than actual dialogue. I mean, if the author goes on and on and on about the character’s back story, but doesn’t move the story forward. I had to send a talking book back to the library for that very reason. If I can’t get into the story within the first few chapters or the first hour of audio, I give up on it.


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