Murder by Christmas: a short story by Jane Risdon FREE to read.

Christmas Murder…A good read 🙂

Jane Risdon

testament-229778_1280I thought I’d post a short story I wrote last year. It’s just over 7,500 words long. If you read it let me know what you think. I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here we go:


A Short Story




The reading of Tiffany Blunt’s Will was a subdued affair.  Those who’d hoped to inherit didn’t, and those who had been invited to attend without knowing why, were suddenly beneficiaries.  It was all a bit odd really.

‘I know it’s usual to invite only those named in the Will,’ said Mr. Lewis, Tiffany’s solicitor, ‘but this is an unusual situation. Ms Blunt’s Will hasn’t been what you’d call, standard. I alone know what bequests she has made to charities, and other organisations. As for other beneficiaries, I have been instructed to hand each of you a letter which contains her wishes.  She asks that the…

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4 thoughts on “Murder by Christmas: a short story by Jane Risdon FREE to read.

  1. Thanks so much Claire, I somehow missed this post. So sorry. The story is now included in the Stab in the Dark Christmas Capers Anthology 2017 along with another of my stories, The Watchers. It is FREE as an e-pub and for sale as a paperback too…in aid of a charity. See amazon for details.

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