New Children’s Release

Claire Plaisted’s latest children’s book published though Plaisted Publishign House will be out on 31st jan 2017. Girlie goes hunting for her best friends family.

Plaisted Publishing


The time is here.  Book Two finds Girlie off on another adventure into the drakest part of the garden to find her friends family.  Along the way she meets Batty Bat, Elle Mouse and many more characters, helping those she can.

Girlie and the Quest for Pedi’s Family will be released on 31st January 2017 

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Indie Author

Yes, that's me.  One of millions out there who write for the pleasure and share because they can.  Of course there are those who write for the money too, though it is tough to make the big time...even if you want to.I'm what they call "seat of my pants writer." I don't plot or plan…

Indie Publishing News

Indie Publishing New Magazine, Issue 8 OUT NOW

Plaisted Publishing

Indie Publishing News Magazine Issue 8 OUT NOW

This months Magazine had Tory Gates as our Featured Author. A Man of many talents.  We also have antoher five interviews from Indie Authors around the world who you need to know about.  New Releases, Poetry, a short story…. and much more.

Indie Publishing News. Issue 8 PDFissue-8


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Hiding behind Hogwash

Photo from Pixabay. Hogwash.  The world is full of it in many different categories. How much more can we stand to read, listen to and watch.  How much more negative and bull can the media come up with to help get our backs up over stupid little stuff while they laugh behind our backs, and those…

The Elamites – update

Well after much research to find out more about them, I found they were from what is now known as IRAQ. A fastenating culture who built ziggernauts with dried blocks of clay, very like the bricks we use today.  They were dark skinned, black haired and had a brilliant culture, with politics, rulers, gods and…

Death of a Child – Anastasia

My husband and I went to see our youngest daughter the other day. We lost her nearlly 14 years ago, aged three and a half months. A delightful baby who came, saw, conquorered and left again like a rainbow through the sky. She was an accidental child, though much wanted and loved by us and…

My Top Indie Reads of 2016

Enjoy a good read then you may like to try one of these….

Between the Beats

Every year I try to choose ten indie books that topped my reading list. Every year it becomes more difficult. This year was the hardest yet but I’ve managed to narrow it down to ten. I’ve reviewed all these books on my blog and you might want to read those to get the full picture of my thoughts. Meanwhile, here they are; my favorite indie reads of 2016. Check them out!

daydreamerAvailable on Amazon

  1. Average Daydreamer by Anita Kovacevic. This is my favorite book of the past year. I’ve read all of Kovacevic’s writings, books and short stories. This was a big change in subject matter and she handled it with the same skill she’s shown in her previous writings. It’s romantic, funny, and sweet. The characters are so true to life they practically walk off the page. I hope she’ll write more books like this one. Oh heck, I’ll…

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Createspace – Formatting & Uploading

Fomatting and uploading with Createspace

Plaisted Publishing

Selling your Book Online

Formatting your book for different websites can be a right pain for those who haven’t or don’t want to have the technical skills to do so.  Where a cove may fit on one, it may need a different DPI for another site.  This is where we will look at Createspace, one of the biggest and cheapest POD (Print on Demand) there are today.  They are also FREE to use once you supply your TAX details of which you have to do at some stage for all the different websites you upload your book too.

Screenshot 2015-10-24 21.01.33

Createspace deal with Print Books.  They have teams who have expertise to help you, though you do have to pay them for this.  I am self taught.  I have got my formatting down perfect now and Createspace does’t reject mine or clients work unless i do something silly like get the…

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