Help Me Understand Why Writers Still Do These 3 Awful Things

Do you still do this?

Meg Dowell Writes

Hey, writers.

First off, if you’re reading this, you’re doing a good job. You probably don’t hear that enough. A lot of the time, nobody sees the hard work you’re putting into your creations, and that makes it feel less fun and pretty lonely.

Second, I appreciate and empathize with writers at all levels. Like all of you, I started out with nothing, just a blank notebook and a gel pen (ah, the late ’90s). I’ve learned a lot since I started out. I’ve learned what works for me, and what doesn’t. I’ve learned how to step outside my comfort zone without psyching myself out too much.

I’ve also learned the writing strategies that don’t work — for anyone. They’re the things I see writers doing all the time, things I’m sure I did at one point without realizing I shouldn’t. And I thought I’d share some of my concerns…

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