Welcoming Nero to the Family

Nero joined us during lockdown – level three, in New Zealand. He was shy, quiet, jumpy and literally hid underneath the sofa in our lounge for close to twenty-four hours. After which he made a bee line for my darling husband. Here was I thinking…Typical bloody boy and their male counterparts.

Just so you know. We’ve never had a male cat before. He’s totally different. Our last cat was Sylvia. She was an outside cat and the Queen of the street. Sadly she went missing after following my husband to work. She was about eight years old. I hope she’s in a good home now. We never did find her. The other cat we had at the time was Matilda Norman. She was a mental health Hazzard from being shouted out for to many years. We adopted her when she was twelve. She calmed down a lot though still scratched the furniture. She also became more social and we could cuddle her. In her previous home, she’d bite you.

Anyway back to Nero. 

It was five a.m in the morning. My husband was getting up for work – yep he’s one of the ones who worked through the pandemic – He had breakfast and sat on the sofa to put his shoes on and along came Nero. He ended up having a tummy rub and I, blerry eyed watched on impressed. He still wasn’t ready for me, though came out to investigate during the day. Every time I moved he’d shot back under the sofa again and not come out. Then my son arrived in the lounge. He ended up having more tummy rubs. One peeved off mother. Nero even rolled side to side for my son. I started to wonder when he would get used to me.

He started to sleep on the mat by our kitchen, he’s stand up on his hide legs if someone was eating or something caught his attention. The first person he curled up with…My husband. I sulked… Maybe Nero was going to be my husband’s cat instead.

The days continued. He woke at five am most morning, ending up jumping on me, I presume to wake me to feed him. This means he started to curl up with me. I was finally winning the cuddle war.  A few days later I got one of those wand toy and a pet basket.  Hubby wasn’t amused with the basket because none of our girl cats ever used them. Nero… loved it and…triumphant…I have proof.  He also loves playing with the wand toy…of course it had to be a pink unicorn handing on the end…sadly it was the only one the shop had left’

Here are a few photos of our new family pet. The darling Nero…who ignores his name.

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