Nero and the Bread Bombs

Nero P 02 July 2020NERO: What is it with humans these days. Here I was by the back door looking out the window. I looked up at mum and she opened the door for me to go out. I meowed for my friends, though none of them appeared as I walked along the footpath. Suddenly something flew over my head, landing on the grass. I was white. I looked up and wish I hadn’t. Square white and brown things flew out of the window, one missed me by …an ear. Startled I ran towards the back door.

Meanwhile inside the house!

I’d just let the cat outside. Entering the kitchen I shook my head at my husband.
ME: What are you doing.
OH: Throwing the bread to the birds.
ME: I just put Nero outside.
OH: I didn’t see him.

I returned to the back door to find one startled cat looking at me with wide green eyes.
NERO: What the hell mum? What is that stuff? Where’s it coming from?
ME: Shrugs
NERO: I’m outta here. He ran inside skidding around the corner and under the couch making me laugh as I returned to the kitchen.
ME: You scared the cat.
OH: How?
ME: Bread Bombs.
OH: Right he smirked. He’ll get over it.

Then we have the flush a toilet scenario… NEXT WEEK