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Welcome to Santa’s Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.

All you have to do, is follow Santa’s sleigh as he travels around the world.

Write down the Christmas word, given on each blog. Then click on the link to the next stop.

Please comment on the Christmas stories and poems that the writers have featured especially for you.

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Meeting Nicholas

Snuggled under a blanket in her recliner, the fire roaring, Jayne sat reading a book from her favourite fantasy author while drinking eggnog. Closing her eyes, she smiled, wishing she could have a mythical adventure and a man visit from her dreams. If only romance like this actually happened in real life.
The characters—Robert and Pippa, were a lovely couple, playing in the snow while discovering their love.
Nerina—her cat, jumped up on her knee, curling up on her stomach, purring contentedly.
“Why do you always climb on me when I’m about to get up to do something,” she muttered, stroking her hand along Nerina’s black back, smiling as the purring rumbles got louder. “Such a cutie, aren’t you?”
Nerina rolled over, showing her furry stomach, batting Jayne’s hands, getting her to rub her tummy.
A faint knock made Jayne look up and frown. Head to one side, she listened for a moment. Not hearing anything, she went back to cuddling Nerina. When the knock happened again, louder this time, Jayne sat up, her cat dropping to the carpet with a hiss of annoyance.
Standing up, Jayne approached the bay window, looking out into the dark, cold night. Snow swirled in thick flurries past the window, landing on the already thick snow covering her lawn and gardens. Leaning forward, wiping a circle on the condensed window, she peered out. Squealing, she jumped back in fright. A face was at the window, large knuckles tapping on the glass.

Moving to the front door, leaving the chain on, she opened it, glancing out. Jayne found a tall man with black hair and green eyes bundled up in a coat, hat, scarf, and boots, holding a large box in his gloved hands.
“Hey,” he smiled. “Are you Jayne Brereton?”
“Who are you? What do you want?”
“Your Aunt Phoebe asked me to drop off your Christmas present,” he grinned. “Sorry if I scared you.”
Jayne took the chain off the door, opening it wider.
“You’d best come in.”
“Thanks,” he stepped over the threshold. The house shuddered around her for a moment, making her blink. Shutting the front door, Jayne accepted the parcel, placing it on the side table as the man unwound his rather long scarf.
“Would you like a hot drink? You must be frozen.”
“That would be lovely. Do you have any hot chocolate?”
“Here, let me take your coat, then you can follow me to the kitchen,” he shrugged out of his thick wool coat, letting her lay it over a chair with his scarf. Removing his boots, he padded after her towards the kitchen.
“Wow, this is amazing. Looks like a chef’s kitchen.”
“It could pass for one, though it’s a farmhouse kitchen. The cottage is about three hundred years old.”
“Lovely and warm in here.”
“Sit down. You never told me your name?”
“Nicholas Claus…”
“Welcome to my home, Nicholas. How do you know my aunt? I don’t remember her ever mentioning you before.”

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Claire is a Multi-genre author with over thirty books to her name, from picture books for young children to adult murder mystery series. Claire is British born and lives in New Zealand with her husband, adult children, two cats and a rabbit.

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