Children’s Novels

Girlie and the War of the Wasps

The time has finally arrived to publish ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps.’  A short story set in a cottage garden where insects live in villages and go about their daily life.  One day Wasps start kidnapping insects. Nobody knows why until the day a friend of Girlie the ladybug is taken.  Girlie follows and her adventure begins.

What will she find?  Who will she meet along the way?  Will she rescue her friend?  Below is an excerpt of the story.

The earth under her feet was dank and slimy, she’d not realised she was on the brink of a slope.  Girlie started to slide down, trying hard not to squeal. She lost her footing, ending up at the bottom of the hill covered in slimy mud. Back on her feet, she shook her body to no avail, the mud stuck fast. Sighing, she looked up and around. The yellow ball in the sky had disappeared. Putting up her antenna’s, she felt a buzz. Peering into the darkness, she saw what she thought was a cave of some kind, though being so young she didn’t really know.

Girlie found a hollow tree root. She was soon to discover she’d found the wasp’s hive.

Plaisted Publishing will be releasing this book on the 28th of April 2016.  I do hope you will all attend the up and coming event.  I will be setting this up shortly.  Thank you.

Blank white book w/pathPrincess of the Earth

Zoe’s Journey is based on myths and legends of old.  It is about a young lady who needs to find out who she really is.  Her life is not what it seems.  After an unexpected guest arrives and pulls her away from her home, the journey starts.

Meeting many unusual creatures, good and evil.  If you like trolls, fairies, Father Time, Gaia, giants and even werewolves, then you will love this book.  There is even a Dragon, an adorable dragon called Jagan.

Gaia released the mythical creatures to the world, sadly some of the bad guys escaped to, bring the world to war; a war which nobody could win.  Zoe has to find her place in this battle of good versus evil, rescuing her best friend and making the wrongs right.  Who is she though?  Why didn’t she know?

A great book for age 10 years, though if your child is an excellent reader then can be read by 6 and 7-year-olds.  This book has been well received by both adults and children.  One parent commenting that her boys were “absorbed” by the story.  Another mother said her daughter “read two chapters every night,”  apparently her daughter doesn’t like to read, though enjoyed the book thoroughly.  Click on the links the first will take you to the first chapter and the second is where you can buy or download a sample.  Enjoy

A Sample of the novel can be found by double-clicking on the Book cover.  The book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Inkstra, Barns & Noble, Apple & Tolino.

Princess of the Earth by Claire Plaisted


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