G.I.B. Series

Book 1Garrett Investigation Bureau was established in New York in the 1980s by Joseph Garrett, and funded by his friend; Christopher Carrington.

Malachy Garrett is the son of Joseph and Maria.

The Journey starts in “Hidden Secrets,” where Mal has taken over the company due to the murder of his father.  His mother died when he was a child.

Malachy dislikes the office grind, he wants excitement back in his life and be in the field. He was never one to like paperwork.  Over the last few years, this was all he’d done, handing out assignments to his agents, one, in particular, had caught his notice.

Anastasia Belaruski is a mystery in many ways though an excellent agent who was trained by her Aunty with Joseph Garrett’s approval, both are now dead and with them went Anastasia’s secret, or so they thought.

Anastasia fights the attraction to her new boss, and heads out to finish her assignment only to open a can of worms of family relationships neither knew existed, never mind a possible double agent in the company.

Will they recover from their shocking discoveries?  Will their desire for each other escalate into a relationship?  Read on and find out.

Hidden Secrets is available on Amazon.  You can read a sample by double-clicking on the book cover.

Book Two – Hidden Secrets

Book 2Rosetta is a new agent for Garrett Investigation Bureau.  Former FBI, she is on her way to the White Mountains in New Hampshire to investigate an Art Theft Ring.  During her time here, something from her past comes back to haunt her.  A stranger wants to protect her and all hell is let loose on a small town.  Meet the arrogant Sheriff and his Deputy.  Let me introduce you to Gabriel and Brock, two strangers in town with backgrounds which don’t please the Sheriff.

Who and what is haunting Rosie?  Read on to find out more.

Available on Amazon, Kobo, Inkstra, Apple, Barns & Noble & Tolino  Double click on the book cover and you can read a sample on Amazon.

The Prequel – Best read third.  Hidden Agenda

PrequelThis is the story of Joseph Garret and his association with Kevin Truit and Henry Haier.  It tells of how a Genetic Scientist gets a God complex and messes with gene pools her acquires through illegal means.  Kevin is not a man to cross or he will destroy you and your family.

This is the beginning of Garrett Investigation Bureau.

What will Joseph do when he realises what is going on?  Who will help him save the woman he loves?  Will Kevin destroy him?  

This book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Inkstra, Scribd & Tolino.  If you double click on the book cover you can find a sample to read.

Book Three – Hidden Slaves

Book 3The latest book in the Garrett Investigation Bureau Series brings FBI Agent Thomas Ryan in to work with Sylvia and Eric on finally closing down the prostitution ring.

Sylvia is frustrated with how things are going, Eric is having nightmares and wants the assignment over and done with when Agent Thomas Ryan walks in.

Meanwhile, Blaze Carrington once again escapes his judgement day, the trial scrapped he goes into hiding to plan his next big adventure after taking over his grandfather’s enterprise. Unknowingly walking into something he may not escape alive.

Working with Agent Ryan, the gentle giant of the FBI, and the GIB Agents find more than they bargained for, with many twists and turns, laughter, romance things finally blow and the climax has at least one head rolling.

Available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Inkstra, Tolino, Kobo, Apple and Scribd.  To read a sample, please double click on the book cover.

Book Four – Secret Assassin

Book 4Hilton Mascosta is a hard man. He doesn’t like women, then again he doesn’t like people much either; a loner most of the time, he looks out for himself. Protective by instinct, he gets involved in something which escalates out of control.

Violence erupts in New York, one thing after another as Mascosta and the G.I.B Agency race against time to rescue one woman, only to find out there are many more to save.

Steffie doesn’t realise who she really is. She’s like a robot, doing as ordered by her controller. During one assignment as a model, her eyes connect with an unknown mans. With a pounding heart, she falls under his spell.

Has Mascosta found his dream girl, or will he push her away?

Available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Inkstra, Tolino, Apple, Scribd & Kobo.  To read a sample please double click on the book cover.

Book Five – Double Crossed

Book 5Meet Jones the delectable double agent who isn’t. Confused, so is he. Working for Garrett Investigation Bureau for the last 6 months or so he finds good friends and a love which could kill him.

Maggie Carrington wants Jones. He ignores her and his growing feelings, knowing it would be the death of them both.  Can she persuade him to love her?  Racing through time with paranormal abilities it is anyone’s guess who will win the day.

Is Jones really a double agent or a slave to a Master. Read on and Find out what is really going on.

Available on Amazon, Kobo, Tolino, Inkstra, Barns & Noble, Apple. To read a sample, please double click the book cover.

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