Princess of the Earth
is a children’s story about a young girl who finds her world changed. Or had it? With Faeries, Dragons, Nymphs, Trolls, Ogres and Gaia the story journeys into an adventure about finding her destiny.

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Enchantments – The Beginning is a Young Adult Fantasy story set in the present. Shadows wait out of sight for the next generation of B’luth. Born human they find their gifts at age twenty-one. Seven strong with animal powers, Enchantments take you on a journey to save the world, introducing you to characters who will each have their own story. Will they beat the Shadow Realm? or will Earth be taken by evil. BUY LINK

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Girlie Adventures are a set of stories set in a country garden, the home of all the different insects and tiny mammals. Girlie is a blue ladybug who loves adventure, you can read about her travels, meeting old and new friends, helping others along the way.

Girlie and the War of the Wasps
Girlie goes on an adventure to rescue her friend from naughty wasps who kidnapped her and many other insects to do the work they should be doing themselves as worker wasps. However, something is wrong with their diet. Girlie ends up talking to another wasp colony to find out what a Queen Wasp should be eating.

Girlie and the Quest for Pedi’s Family
Many of the insects Girlie helps to rescue from the naughty wasps have to find their families. A few end up as orphans while other families celebrate to find their siblings and children again.  Pedi is one of the orphans, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, Girlie sets off on another adventure to find Pedi’s family, meeting Batty Bat and Ella Mouse along the way. This story was written for two young brothers and a bad habit of biting and kicking. Of course, their much older and wiser now.

Girlie’s Circus Adventure.
The Circus is going to the next town over from where Girlie lives. The excitement mounts when Girlie and her friends rush home to ask their parents if they can attend. The day arrives and off they do. Enjoying the magical music, acrobats, clowns and Hercules the Black Rhino Beatle, a rare insect. Hercules disappears during a magic trick. Girlies sets out on an adventure to find him.