Good morning, afternoon or evening—where ever you are in the world today. It is wonderful to meet you all and welcome you to my author website.

Here you will find all sorts of things to enjoy. Interesting articles, mainly on my blog page. There are articles from other authors who I admire. I love to share peoples work. You will also find out about my various books which have been published for you to enjoy.

What do I write?

Mainly modern mystery romance. I say modern because they can be descriptive in the romance scenes, there again I also write cosy mystery romance as well. In fact, I write for most age groups, be they adventure stories, fantasy adventure, sci-fi, horror, shifter and thriller. Many I have yet to publish. At present, I have about 26 books for sale, though many are going under re-editing due to how my writing skills have changed over the years.

Family History

I also write Family History books for my family and others. Researching and pulling them together for various reunions and celebrations.

I write in British English with a mixture of Kiwi and USA word usage.