Amazon Reviews for Malachy’ Unit – Now called Hidden Secrets

Fantastic Book

Cannot wait to read the next couple of books about Malachy’s Unit ūüôā
I loved the book never want it to end. – Jade Greives

Great Twists and Turns

Wonderful book. We’ll written. Would recommend to friends. Great twists and turns. Plus suspense. Takes you to another level of thinking. ¬†– ¬†D Hill

Loved it

Loved it – could not put it down – now onto Book 2. Keep it up Claire – Joy Ireland

Malachy’s Unit aka Hidden Secrets

Malachy is a man who not only runs the blackest of the black ops known as The Unit, he is also damned good at it. He regrets being tied to a desk as opposed to being in the field with the action. However, he has the best team purposely picked for each of the jobs they do. Not only do Malachy and his team, including the beautiful and talented agent, Ana have to strive to protect the world and its future but they find themselves drawn into a web that was spun many decades ago before they were born. In a cold blooded manner reminding one of the eugenics philosophy that engulfed the entire planet, Malachy and Ana discover they were part of a deadly conspiracy when they were only infants. After making horrifying discoveries that disrupt their lives, their careers and their hunger for each other, Malachy, Ana and their team put all their personal wants and needs aside to punish the people responsible and to protect their own futures. Filled with action, seduction and with characters that drive the story, Malachy’s Unit is a steady venture into the espionage and thriller genres. And, with the hot romance scenes between Mal and Ana, readers are sure to enjoy the story and start reaching for book two of the series. Enjoy! ¬†– ¬†Pamela J Silva.

Amazon Reviews for Rosetta’s Lot- ¬†aka Secrets Past – Book Two

Fab Read

Loved it. Just love the way it kept you thinking. We’ll researched too. Would recommend this to friends. Need next book. ¬†– ¬†D Hill

Five Stars

I loved this book and was excited to move to Josephs Story. – Joy Ireland

Amazon Reviews for Joseph’s Story aka Hidden Agenda – Prequel

Again I loved it. I have now read all 3 in …,

Again I loved it. I have now read all 3 in less than 2 weeks – cant wait for the next one

Amazon Reviews for Ryan’s Madam ¬†aka Hidden Slaves – Book Three

I have found my new favourite author

I have found a new favourite author – thoroughly enjoying the series and can’t wait for the next one – keep them coming Claire. ¬†– ¬†Joy Ireland

Amazon Reviews for Mascosta’s Dreamgirl ¬†aka Secret Assassin – Book Four

Fantastic Read

Thoroughly enjoyed this book – kept my mind active keeping the characters straight, but a really good read. I have now read all the series and can’t wait for the next one. Note to new readers – read the series in order !!!

Amazon Review for Diary of a Psychotic Killer

Loved this story — a really fun revenge story
Loved this story — a really fun revenge story. The plot twists and macabre feel reminded me of The Life and Loves of a She Devil by Fay Weldon. – ¬†Karen White.

Amazon Reviews for Charlie Girl’s First Summer Christmas

Holiday Story
This is a wonderful and heart-warming story of Christmas holiday in the Southern Hemisphere! I imagine it would be just as odd to me as to anyone else who made such a drastic move. The characters feel like the neighbors next door!  A nice little holiday story.  Р Metamorph Publishing

Amazon Review for Zoe’s Journey

Lovely Fantasy…
From the moment Zoe opens her door after eight years away from home, and finds her best friend Fabia cowering on the doorstep, nothing was the same. In minutes her life was no longer…well, her life. With Fabia pulling her out into a completely different world, all the while confessing she is a witch, Zoe has nothing but a backpack to remember what she thought was her world. Especially when her family and home are burned to the ground for proof.
In a word full of gods and goddesses, Zoe’s Journey is both entertaining and enlightening. The gods are a mixture of more than one mythological universe which gives the story more depth. In the end, Zoe finds what she is meant to be, who she is meant to be in whichever world she inhabits. If you enjoy light entertainment and a happy ending, this is most definitely the book for you. ¬†– ¬†Pamela J Silva